Australian Crystal Medicine Man: What is Crystal Therapy?

Crystal therapy is one of several holistic approaches provided by the Australian Crystal Medicine Man. These treatments focus on the person as a whole, not just the symptoms. Crystal therapy provides various energies to balance, heal, and restore energy. You’ll find that crystal therapy is calming and offers many benefits, including removing energy blockages within your physical and emotional body. Crystal therapy can help remove these energy blockages and unwanted energy.

Crystal therapy works for grounding and balancing the mind and body, reducing tension, getting rid of anger, fear, and anxiety, and helping to restore vitality. The Australian Crystal Medicine Man offers 30-minute and one-hour crystal therapy sessions. You can also combine our crystal therapy with Reiki for chakra healing to help release blocked emotions that cause physical symptoms. You can also place crystals in your home or workspace, wear them as jewelry, or keep them in your pocket to extend the benefits of your crystal therapy session.

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